Vision Fabrika selected for top doc school
February 2018
We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected for this year's Masterschool organised by Documentary Campus, a Berlin based industry-renowned talent incubator for documentary film-makers. This is going to be an intensive training programme and a chance to secure funding for our documentary under development, Forgotten Heroes of the Caucasus.
DEC 2017

Reporting Conflict, Bridging Divides

Bringing together journalists from South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Georgia was Rayhan's tricky task in Yerevan this November. She designed a 2 day training course for the EU Monitoring Mission and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting showing journalists how to use new storytelling techniques to make local issues global. This was above all an opportunity for them to put politics aside and build ties.
We are looking for interns
Vision Fabrika заинтересована в привлечении и развитии лучших специалистов. Главные профессиональные качества потенциального сотрудника — талант и опыт, которые вы хотите приумножить. Главные личные качества — желание ставить сверхцели, терпение, перфекционизм. Умения делать что-то лучше других недостаточно: важно желание завтра делать это лучше самого себя сегодняшнего.

Мы особенно ценим продуктивность, проактивность, уверенность, ответственность и целеустремлённость. Команда Vision Fabrika поставила перед собой самые большие цели, а ты? Присоединяйся!
Nov 2017

Our Media Blind Spots

Rayhan was on the panel in Kiev in October for Berlin-based N-Ost's conference on media blind spots. Oh boy can you talk endlessly about this! How did Ukraine's war in the East fall into such a blind spot? Editors of mainstream media outlets have grown bored of this conflict. I spoke about Georgia's experience, which has two unresolved conflicts on its territory. And guess which country is at the centre of these disputes? Russia. The media conference was a fantastic opportunity to meet other professionals and I've never been in the company of so many German-speaking journalists from this region. Great networking and thrilled to have been a part of it.
Roll out the Red Carpet!
September 2017
Robin's web series for Coda Story, Clash of Narratives, was officially selected for the Best Web Series category at London's biggest indy film festival, Raindance. Highlight for us: a West End screening! Clash of Narratives hits the nail on the head of contemporary global politics told through the prism of two female journalist-politicians in Georgia with utterly opposing perspectives on their country's future. In this series even tiny Georgia isn't immune from the global surge in populism. You can watch the episodes here.
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